You have worked hard all year and you have deserved a wonderful summer vacation. Now we will tell you about holiday alternatives that will make you forget the tiredness of the whole year and will mark the summer.

   Isolated holiday options with your family or loved ones are very popular. We offer you blue cruise tours in the paradise bays of our country, away from the crowd. We have listed every detail of yacht charter and cabin charter alternatives for you.


The first places that come to mind when talking about a blue cruise are undoubtedly Fethiye, Kekova, Marmaris and of course Göcek. We are hosting thousands of local and foreign tourists for every budget. While planning your blue cruise with your family or loved ones, you can evaluate our options in various categories according to the number of people and your budget.

   As with all other tours and accommodation options, the choice of date for the blue voyage has an important place. We can say that prices reach high points especially in July and August. When determining your budget, be sure to consider your date selection.



Gulets: Gulets offer larger cabins and living spaces compared to other alternatives. All gulets are chartered with a crew consisting of 1 captain, 1 cook and at least 1 service personnel. All crew do all the work necessary for your comfort for 1 week. All you have to do is enjoy the magnificent sea.                                                                                Motor yacht: They have a large interior volume and high speed. It offers a very luxurious experience for groups of 4-6 people. Like gulets, it is possible to charter with its crew. Catamaran: It has a very large volume consisting of two boats connected to each other. We can say that it is ideal for groups of 4 to 8 people.


     Cabin Charter – Yacht Charter

For the cabin rental part, you can think of yourself as if you are renting a room in the hotel. Our one-week blue cruise adventure starts with this cabin you have rented. (Max.16 people)

 Yacht charter offers you and your loved ones the opportunity to collect unforgettable and special memories on the Lycian Coast. There will be no one else but the crew and you in this process.